Cherries Tasmania Orchard is a family run orchard and was established in 2003 by Nic & Traci Hansen, with Nic being a 4th generation orchardist. Nic & Traci’s children, Carter (helicopter pilot) & Zoe (university student) work on the farm during their break times and contribute heavily during harvest time. 

Cherries Tasmania Orchards is located on Harvest Lane at Old Beach. Nic and Traci even got to name their own road!

Currently there are 80 hectares (200 acres) of planted to cherries.

The orchard has been developed along the ethos of achieving world’s best industry practice at every task we undertake. Nic’s extensive orchard experience, travel, and exposure to other modern cherry orchard developments have enabled this process to be achieved.

Our orchard currently exports approximately 65% of what we grow around the world, but predominately to Asia.

Cherries Tasmania proudly employs 17 full-time staff plus casual labour as required at different times of the year. During picking time our workforce swells to 200 plus employees.

Varieties grown include Chelan, Sylvia, Van, Lapin, Simone, Regina, Kordia, Sweet Georgia, Staccato and Sentential. White flesh cherry varieties are Vega and Stardust.